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Skin cancer is a deadly disease that shows itself on your skin but can easily be prevented. With its high incidence rate, we are motivated to make this small change to bring awareness to the forefront of people's minds to reduce the rate of skin cancer and to change the way people look at their skin by taking a moment to apply sunscreen. 

Our Message

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The only true medication for skin cancer is prevention. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by skin cancer. We at Sun Shield have the opportunity to make a change in our society, a change that can have a drastically positive effect for those living with our without skin cancer. We want to encourage young people to enjoy the outdoors - but safely - by taking the necessary steps to prevent skin cancer before it happens, by making sunscreen a part of their daily routine.


Skin Cancer

The Most Common Cancer In The US

Our Motto

It's As Easy As 1,2,3

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Step 2

Step 3


Apply Sunscreen


Re-Apply Every 2 Hours


Enjoy The Outdoors

By preparing with the Sun Shield, the automatic outdoor sunscreen dispenser, you will have the protection you need to take on the suns hazardous rays throughout the day. You can never be too safe when it comes to sun, so always take a second and get prepared with the Sun Shield.

Prevention is the best medication for skin cancer. By re-applying sunblock every 2 hours your chances of developing any form of skin cancer is drastically reduced, so take the necessary steps to prevent this disease by using the Sun Shield.

Having fun outdoors is the goal of Sun Shield. If you prepare with sunscreen, you will prevent
dangerous UVA and UVB radiation from harming your skin, which means that you can focus on playing while being protected
from the sun.​

Our Motivation

Affecting Friends & Family

Having fun outdoors is the goal of Sun Shield. If you prepare with sunscreen, you will prevent dangerous UVA and UVB

radiation from harming your skin so you can focus on playing while being protected from the sun.​ We encourage people to see their dermaologist once or twice a year. By making a visit to the dermotologist part of their annual routine we can curb the number of new melanoma cases from developing and catch the disease before it spreads in the body. 


Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, afflicting more than 3.5 million Americans each year, a number that is rapidly rising. One or more severe sunburns in childhood or adolescence more than double a person’s chances of developing Melanoma later in life. ​Every 8 seconds, someone in the US is diagnosed with melanoma and sadly, one person dies from malignant melanoma every hour.

Stopping Cancer At The Start

Melanoma Is A Young Person's Disease