Join The Sun Safe Community

Let's Fight Skin Cancer Together!

Our mission is to provide sunscreen to the public for FREE and you can help! By pre-purchasing a machine you can donate the device to your favorite charity, school, public park, or just give it to a friend. Sponsor a neighborhood business or your local little league team.

Creating A Safer Tomorrow

Sun Shield: A Call To Action

Join Sun Shield in the journey to a safer tomorrow. Sun Shield was developed to provide the world with what they deserve - convenient protection. With its implementation, Sun Shield has found itself in a community of strong individuals that are passionate about a change and those who help support the cause. 

How We Work: Creating Win. Win. Win. Scenarios

We Are Dedicated To Forming Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Sun Shield is excited to promote our unique business model that allows all parties to benefit from the installation of Sun Shield devices. We proudly support our sponsors, protect our community, and advance our ability to fund skin cancer research via donations and events.

Thank You To All  Of Our Generous Supports

Sun Shield Backers Club 

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