Share your message, Sun Shield’s unique safety mirror and advertising space allows for brands and organizations to reach out and provide a vital service to the public. Obtain quantifiable data based on user interactions to generate targeted marketing campaigns to specific groups of users and demographics. Ad space can be used to strategically drive campaigns to promote specific items, food and concession sales, and include QR Codes to direct users to websites and applications. 

Partner with a venue of your choosing and sponsor a sunscreen refill subscription and help your community raise skin cancer awareness. Utilize Sun Shield’s unique safety mirror and advertising space to directly engage audiences and show users your brand is committed to sun safety and giving back to the community. We believe it will take everyone working together to find a cure, while it is a difficult task we believe it is a tangible goal. 

Set Your Business Apart

Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility

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Mirror & Advertising Space

Included With Every Sun Shield

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Traditional Barriers To Entry

Access To New Advertising Spaces

Our desire to provide this public service at zero cost to the user, we do this by providing lucrative advertising space above the dispensing unit that generates substantial numbers in terms of foot traffic for the advertiser. This new advertising space can help gain more public exposure and brand awareness for your company or business.

Ways You Win

Positive PR & Incentives For Sponsorship 

  • Provide the public with a product that promotes sun safety and funds skin cancer research.

  • Positive PR campaign to promote your brand in a caring and progressive light.

  • Reach an expanded audience who directly engage with your advertising space.

  • Use Sun Shield logo with in your advertising/brand efforts to strengthen your brand perception .

  • Join the powerful community of those fighting against skin cancer.

  • Receive exclusive advertising incentives for future Sun Shield locations and sponsored events.

  • Promote a facility of your choice as a sun safe venue for all to enjoy.